Paper Fabric Cutting Dies

Paper Fabric Cutting Dies

Did you know QuicKutz, Inc. was purchased by Lifestyle Crafts, LLC?

These Quic Kutz dies are in mint condition. They are in their original, unopened packaging. Pre-owned.

All of the dies supplied below are 2" x 2" except for the Daisy (#13) which measures 4" x 4."

Choose from the following options:

  1. Shovel (Package contains one die)
  2. Crayon (Package contains one die)
  3. Rattle (Package contains one die)
  4. Timer (Package contains one die)
  5. Jack-0-Lantern (Package contains one die)
  6. Rose Bud (Package contains two dies)
  7. Hibiscus (Package contains two dies)
  8. Tulip (Package contains two dies)
  9. Red, Orange, Pink, Yellow Single Flower(Package contains two dies)
  10. Pink Flower With Two Green Leaves (Package contains two dies)
  11. Single Red Flower with Green Stem and One Green Leaf (Package contains two dies)
  12. Two Red Flowers with Green Stem and Leaves (Package contains two dies)
  13. One Daisy 4" x 4" Cutting Die (Package contains one die)
  14. Fastener (Package contains one die)

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