Embroidery Cross Stitch

Embroidery Cross Stitch

Did you know you can place perfect monographs and geometric designs on your needlework projects?

That's right! Simply use the color charts provided in this paperback book, Needlework Alphabets and Designs" edited by Blanche Cirker.

  • The booklet contains 82 two-color (blue and red) plates, charted for easy use.
  • Thirty-seven plates present geometric patterns (diamonds, squares, triangles, crosses, mazes, steps, and more!)
  • Additional designs include floral motifs, crowns, anchors, butterflies, griffins animals (rabbit, stork, deer, and more!)
  • There are two beautiful, full-page scenes: a driver and passenger in a horse-drawn sleigh, and a skater pushing another person in a swan-headed sleigh).
  • There are 27 alphabets on 45 plates: script and print lettering in different graphic forms from Gothic to modern.
  • All the plates are printed with a grid background making it easy to transfer the motifs onto your own needlepoint canvas or fabric.
  • Size: 8" x 5.5"

Condition: Very Good. Preowned.

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